The Mazda 'Grizzly' Concept Vehicle Car Sports an Electric Design

 - May 13, 2017
References: yankodesign
Looking like a bear standing proudly on all fours, the Mazda 'Grizzly' concept vehicle car features a body design that enables it to bend and curve as needed to make it a truly exceptional design for the road.

The Mazda 'Grizzly' is the design work of Wojciech Jurkowski and draws inspiration from another creature of the wild in the design: the lizard. The shifting and curving design of the Mazda 'Grizzly' draws inspiration from how a lizard walks in order to merge the powerful stature with a sleeker way to glide through traffic.

The Mazda 'Grizzly' concept vehicle car offers exceptional handling thanks to the bending design of the car and also provides better steering capabilities for avoiding obstacles, parking and cornering.