'Emoji Icons' Make Their Debut On iPod Touch and iPhone 2.2

 - Jan 28, 2009
References: en.wikipedia.org
Texting is probably one of the best things invented since sliced bread (and all night sushi bars.) On most phones you get a full QWERTY keypad that allows you to send just about any message you wish. And, of course, we have the well-known abbreviations that make texting so much easier and convenient (OMG! My BFF has me ROFLOL!) On a regular computer, you can also put in your emoticons. You can do the same thing on a cell phone, but it’s a little harder and somewhat text character consuming (which is something to be avoided if you’re being charged by the length of your text.)

Well, now with the Emoji Icons application for the iPod Touch, and iPhone 2.2, you can wink at your buddy from Zimbabwe or roll your eyes at your soon to be ex-boyfriend who was seen by Angela, who told Crystal, who mentioned it to your BFF that she saw him kissing... JULIE CHASTINOJEVSKY! (OMG!)