Gregoire Guillemin Releases a New Set of Comic Superhero Art

 - Apr 14, 2013
References: society6 & coolmaterial
In his latest set of comic superhero art, Gregoire Guillemin captures those that save the world in even more revealing and intimate situations. Through paparazzi-style imagery, the heroes have been caught red-handed in compromising and embarrassing situations that average people will surely recognize.

Among the pieces of comic superhero art includes Superman flipping the bird, The Hulk rolling marijuana to smoke and Spiderman adjusting his junk. These characteristically human actions are the kind of things we see everyday and yet they are never depicted of superheroes. Characters like The Hulk and Spiderman were once everyday humans before the unlikely mishap altered their genetic make-up. This would mean that even superheroes have gross and weird idiosyncrasies.