This Infographic Uses Your IQ to Determine Your College Major

Choosing your college major is a tricky time in the life of many teens. To help out, website created this mind-mapping infographic to show the IQ level the most popular college programs require for acceptance.

This 'What Does Your College Major Say About Your IQ?' infographic uses a map to chart the different categories of majors. Clustered around an illustration of the brain, the red stands for math and science-based majors, the green for liberal art-based majors and the blue for education, historical or religion-based majors. From there, each category is broken up into its appropriate major title with the average IQ needed to be accepted into the program. Alongside the IQ scores are the IQs of famous celebrities, to help you see where you measure up.

Whether you're going into college or not, this college major IQ infographic will help you to get a ballpark figure for where your intelligence levels may stand.