The 'Numizmatus' Allows a Coin Collection to be Stylishly Displayed

 - Oct 3, 2016
References: artlebedev & yankodesign
Coin collections are often stored in books or boxes, but the 'Numizmatus' looks to enable collectors to proudly display their coins. Designed by the Art Lebedev Studio, the 'Numizmatus' display frame feature two glass panels that allow coins to be slid between them. When placed on a surface or hung on a wall, the 'Numizmatus' allows coins to be seen clearly without having to move the unit.

Although designed to hold a small coin collection, the 'Numizmatus' can also be used as a traditional frame for displaying photos or other pictures. When the contents need to be removed, the 'Numizmatus' frame enables everything to be emptied without having to break the glass to ensure continued usage.