The Coffee IV T-Shirt Cleverly Displays Caffeine Addiction

 - Jan 29, 2013
References: snorgtees & thatsnerdalicious
Coffee drinkers will certainly identify with this humorously designed Coffee IV T-Shirt that visually depicts one's addiction to the ever-popular caffeinated beverage. Those who feel that a cup of Joe is an absolute necessity in the morning will absolutely adore this cute and accurately described shirt.

This Coffee IV t-shirt is designed with a simple brown background and an image of intravenous bag with the words "Medically prescribed, Coffee Intravenous" printed on it. This is a hilariously witty approach to proclaiming how much someone can be addicted to coffee, that people can drink it so often that it is pretty much synonymous with needing an intravenous line to survive.

Though simple in design, the t-shirt instantaneously resonates with coffee drinkers and accurately showcases the extent to which people rely on coffee on a day-to-day basis.