The 'Coffee Cups of the World' Instagram Account Had Spawned an Exhibit

 - Nov 4, 2016
References: oranygallery & instagram
The photographer Henry Hargreaves has long been taking photos for his blog 'Coffee Cups of the World' and his own personal collection will be revealed at the ORA Gallery in New York.

The exhibition will run until the end of November of this year and reveals some of the hundreds of coffee cups that the artist and photographer has found over the past few years. The cups are mostly "to-go" ones and reveal the diversity and creativity behind so many coffee restaurants' and chains' branding. In addition to displaying his own personal collection of Coffee Cups of the World, the photographer also invited artists to create special-edition ones for the exhibition.

This artistic exhibition is fascinating due to the fact that individually the cups are relatively banal, but viewing them as a whole reveals the influence of today's expanding coffee culture all over the world.