'Co.Design' Enlisted Experts to Imagine a City Under Trump

 - Nov 30, 2016
References: fastcodesign
The design and business site 'Co.Design' enlisted experts in the fields of urban planning, city surveillance and social reform to imagine a city that has been influenced by the impact of the current President-elect of the US, Donald Trump.

The urbanist journalist Greg Lindsay imagined a city where all the public transit systems and neighborhoods were owned by public corporations and tolled. Another interpretation imagines a city that is extremely wealthy, but is surrounded by poverty. In this city, many benefits and federal funds are cut for people who are poor, or those who oppose some of Donald's policies. Another city is one that is "drowning in its climate change denial," with an environment that is barely livable, consistent droughts and damaging floods. Yet another city is one that was imagined in response to proposed Donald's isolationist policies, one that has crumbling infrastructure and social policies, and lacks innovation due to its lack of international and immigrant talent.

Many of these city interpretations look bleak, and it is the hope of many that the extreme nature of the future proposed president's policies will not result in widespread discord and an acceleration of climate change.