The Ice Ball Beverage is Served as a Solid and Cracked for Drinking

 - Feb 9, 2016
References: youtube & sploid.gizmodo
For consumers looking for something beyond the conventional cocktail experience, the Ice Ball drink by Cocktail Chemistry creatively serves an alcoholic beverage in solid form that the drinker must then crack to turn into liquid and enjoy. The drink offers an element of interaction from the consumer as they must transform the beverage's state in order to taste it.

The Ice Ball Cocktail is a drink creatively served inside a frozen spherical ice cube without rendering the boozy beverage a solid as well. The drink is specifically made so that the cocktail interior stays liquid while the exterior stays solid and frozen. The drink is then served in a glass and topped with an added fruit garnish. Consumers then take a small hammer to the ice ball to crack it open as use the frozen shell is used as ice for the liquid drink.