New Brunswick's Coburn Farms is Streamlined, High-Tech and More Humane

 - Apr 18, 2019
References: buylocalnb & cbc
In an effort to increase efficiency, production and sustainability, the Coburn Farm in Canada has developed a high-tech chicken coop that promotes the wellbeing of the animals inside, while streamlining the work.

The barn serves as the first fully computerized farming system in Canada, boasting room for up to 31,6000 hens to lay eggs. With state-of-the-art technology, farmers are able to streamline production in a manner that's more humane than more traditional methods. Each 'housing unit' within the barn can host 35 chickens, and comes complete with scratching pads, private nesting boxes, nail files, and specialized lighting that can be controlled remotely.

What's more is that the barn's temperature is seamlessly regulated, offering the animals more comfort.