This Entrium Cloud Canopy Filters Daylight and Engages Passers-By

 - Sep 8, 2014
References: faulders-studio & designboom
Faulders Studio has designed a unique cloud canopy structure to shade the main entrance of Portland State University's science, research and teaching center. Dubbed 'Entrium Light Cloud'. the structure is designed as a collection of curving aluminum fins that filter daylight and help maintain a bright and open area below.

The cloud canopy structure's contours are blended with circular focal point geometry to create a pattern reminiscent of "vectorial weather flows, topographical contours, wave oscillations and amorphous cellular clusters," as described by California-=based architect Thom Faulders.

The sculpture aims to grab the attention of students, faculty and public visitors, sparking engagement while also creating a space that links the intellectual hive of activity inside the building with the outside world.

The canopy produces a subtle reflective glow when the skies are overcast and crisp shadow patterns on sunlit days.

Photo Credits: designboom, faulders-studio