KT's CLiP CARD Stores Credit, Membership and Transportation Cards

 - Jun 15, 2017
References: koreaherald & nfcworld
The 'CLiP CARD' is the name of the newest smart card from KT that's been dubbed "the mother of all credit cards."

The card is the same shape and size as a regular credit card, yet boasts a small display with which users may register additional cards with barcodes. CLiP CARD cardholders are able to load up to 10 credit cards, 10 membership cards, as well as one paid transportation card to the device, helping to clear up a significant amount of space in one's wallet.

Unlike regular credit cards, this one is powered by an embedded lithium-ion battery, which means that it must be charged periodically like any other mobile device. CLiP CARD creator KT describes that the multifunctional credit card device was developed to acknowledge that "most people still prefer carrying physical cards with them in the offline world."