These Condiments are Labeled with White Text on Clear Mason Jars

 - Jul 22, 2015
References: & packageinspiration
This student project created by Ivy Walsh showcases the 'Dalmatia' spreads in clear Mason jars. The labels created by Walsh are simple, clear and elegant. She only uses uppercase white letters to announce the product's name and flavor.

The Mason jars are miniature versions that truly focus on the product. The colorful spreads can be seen inside the clear mason jars, which makes a beautiful background to the bold white letters. The flavor of the spread takes up the most amount of space --- over half the jar and below that is a thin white banner. The banner reads the brand's name, nutrition facts and ingredients.

The ultimate goal of this project was to create a simple label that did not overshadow the product itself. Through the use of clear jars and minimalist labels, the goal has certainly been accomplished.