Artist Bai Yiluo Puts a Disturbing Twist on Classical Art

 - Jun 17, 2013
References: saatchigallery & sweet-station
These rather unusual sculptures by Bai Yiluo put a dark twist on classical art. The artist uses pitchforks and the statue of David style sculptures to create some rather disturbing art creations. These impaled sculptures definitely leave an impression on observers.

Yiluo combines these ghostly white busts with some rusty pitchforks. The end result is an exhibit filled with sharp tools pointed in every direction, which doesn't exactly allow for safe passage when people are passing through.

The artist says that the violent nature of these impaled sculptures symbolizes revolution and growing conflict. Regardless of what it represents, these bizarre pitchfork master pieces are intriguing and visually captivating.

There's something about seeing classical art torn up and destroyed that seems to suggest that it's time to throw the artistic rule book out of the window and do something new and fresh.