Kit Kat's Newest Flavor in Japan Marries Citrus and Chocolate

'Special Shikuwasa' is one of the newest Kit Kat flavors being offered in Japan, which unites the tastes of citrus and chocolate.

The Okinawan citrus flavors is known to be one of the most refreshing flavors from the region for the summer, with a sour-tart bite to it that makes it a great addition to cocktails and food dishes. "Shikuwasa" literally means "eat the sourness" and Kit Kat is inviting its fans in Japan to do just that with its newest chocolate flavor. These unique seasonal citrus-inspired chocolates are made with Okinawan shikuwasa extract, which provides a taste that's slightly bitter, sour and sweet.

As the home of the Kit Kat Chocolatory, Japan has also seen a range of experimental chocolate bar flavors come through it, including everything from sake and melon to edamame.