Cicada by Marco Casagrande Features a Bold and Nature-Inspired Design

 - Jan 27, 2012
References: landezine & frameweb
The cocoon-inspired design for Cicada by Marco Casagrande stems from nature. The whimsical wooded shelter juxtaposes against Taipei's congested and hectic urban center. The bold architectural piece aims to connect urbanites with nature.

The free-flowing structure is organic in shape, resembling nest or cocoon construction. Constructed from natural bamboo, the wood is woven and combined with recycled broken glass and concrete.

This constructed space blurs the lines between interior and exterior space, fusing nature with the big city. With integrated plants, the structure's exterior extends inside, allowing visitors to visit a whimsically wooded world. Cicada's interior features steel accents that include low stools and a functional fireplace. A cut-out on the ceiling acts a chimney, brings in daylight and serves as the perfect viewfinder for a brilliant night sky.