The Chrysler Safety Ads Promotes Child Protection

 - Sep 1, 2013
References: chrysler & adsoftheworld
Protecting your child is an integral part of parenting, and the Chrysler safety ads focus on keeping kids safe.

The slogan for the campaign is: "Your children take enough risks at home already," accompanied by horrifying images that surely would scare any parent. The pictures show a little hand reaching for items like a hot iron, an electrical outlet and a pan on the stove.

These pictures are designed to contrast the potential dangers at home with the safety of driving a Chrysler. The high safety rating the car company has received is the basis for its claims that you will not need to worry about your child in the vehicle.

These Chrysler safety ads are the perfect depiction of a company knowing it is good at, and using potential dangers in order to demonstrate its level of protection.