Christian Sorensen Hansen Captures Summer with a Sense of Ease

Christian Sorensen Hansen is a photographer and director who captures genuine youthful moments and comments on the human condition with lighthearted yet insightful lens.

His short videos celebrate travel and self-exploration, with 'Know This' noting the good and bad of growing up -- making for a piece that is humorous and emotional. 'Audi Uncompromising' shows a young athlete overcome adversity in her journey, following her dreams of becoming a boxer despite the negative opinions surrounding her choices. His style has a vintage feel that comes with the hippie-like sense of freedom that his subjects exuberate. Christian Sorensen Hansen's photography does much the same, capturing his subjects in states of natural happiness and paying tribute to the beauty of their surroundings at the same time. He lenses individual moments with a familiarity and warmth, with his latest series capturing the candor of a relaxed summery vibe.