NineSigma Explores Chocolatey Innovations Throughout History

 - Feb 5, 2013
References: ninesigma
Chocolate innovations are something that most people probably don’t think about too much, especially compared to how often people think about how delicious chocolate is -- especially around Valentine’s Day. Fortunately, the folks over at NineSigma aren’t most people. If the company's chocolate innovations infographic is any indication, it likes chocolate as much as the next person.

The infographic looks at chocolate innovations throughout history, including preparation and ingredients, transportation and distribution, manufacturing practices, research, packaging and customization. For example, did you know that Columbus observed the Mayans hauling cocoa beans by canoe? Or maybe you didn’t know that the first heart-shaped chocolate box for Valentine's Day was designed in 1861? That’s right, the heart shaped box is over 150 years old, and still going strong.

NineSigma is an innovation firm that works with companies such as Hershey and Kraft to help design packaging and manufacturing processes for their dessert and chocolate businesses.