'Midnight Snack' Satisfies Cravings for Sweet Chocolate at Night

'Midnight Snack' is the a new chocolate bar flavor from Hammond's Candies that is ideal for those who love to snack on chocolate at night. The indulgent new flavor boasts a base of milk chocolate that is filled with pretzels, cookies, brittle, marshmallow and even pieces of cereal.

Alongside Midnight Snack, Hammond's Candies is also launching two other new chocolate bar flavors in Cinnamon Churro and Fortune Cookie.

In order to appeal to late-night snackers, many companies are branding breakfast and daytime snacks as foods that can satisfy evening cravings. Other examples of this include NightFood snack bars, Wienerschnitzel's Feed Your Night menu and a limited-edition cereal box design for Kellogg's Mini Wheats that features stars and a crescent moon.