This Machine is the World's Most Powerful Supercomputer

 - Jun 24, 2016
References: & gizmag
The Sunway TaihuLight is an extraordinary new Chinese supercomputer that is capable of carrying out a frankly ridiculous 93 quadrillion calculations per second, giving it the title of world's most powerful supercomputer.

This particular machine is equipped with an outrageous 10,649,600 computing cores, so it's just a little better than your dual-core or quad-core computing device at home. It was developed, designed and inaugurated by the Chinese National Research Center of Parallel Computer Engineering & Technology.

What makes this Chinese supercomputer special isn't just the fact that it's the most powerful one in the world, but also the fact that it uses relatively low levels of power for a supercomputer. This is a great innovation that proves that computing power can indeed be taken to the next level without increasing energy costs.