This Huge Map of China Was Created Out of Rice Plants by a Chinese Farmer

 - Oct 16, 2015
References: facebook & mashable
In an act of extreme patriotism, a Chinese farmer has created a massive map of China in his backyard out of different varieties of rice plants.

Chinese farmer Chen Jinxiang worked as a technician at an agrotechnical station and is now retired. For over 30 years of his agricultural career, Jinxiang worked with rice plants, giving him the horticultural skills to one day plant this sprouted map of his home country. The Chinese farmer made his map out of 30 different varieties of rice plant. He also makes smaller-scale maps of China out of rice grains. Jinxiang dries the rice artisanally by hanging it on drying racks, still on the chaff.

Many artists create either patriotic or subversive art out of national symbols, but this massive agricultural map uses a very unique and fitting medium to display national pride.