This Sweet and Sour Pizza has a Deep Fried Rice Patty 'Crust'

 - Jul 25, 2015
References: dudefoods
This unusual chicken pizza was created in as part of a challenge to fundamentally re-imagine pizza. From Nick Chipman of DudeFoods, the Sweet and Sour Chicken Pizza features a deep fried white rice crust.

While most Italians would probably take issue with this concoction being called a pizza, the dish is also inventive in its interpretation of Chinese food. Again, most Chinese people wouldn't recognize the recipe either. The chicken pizza, therefore, has multicultural influences while still being notably North American.

The sweet and sour chicken sits on top of a thick patty of breaded and deep fried rice. The white grains were breaded in "Japanese-style panko breadcrumbs," where as the toppings consist of chicken, pineapple pieces, red and green peppers doused in sweet and sour sauce.