Plum Organics Garden Chicken Bites Feature Wholesome Ingredients

 - Feb 8, 2016
References: plumorganics & plumorganics
Despite busier-than-ever lifestyles, consumers are on the hunt for ways to eat healthy that are fast and convenient, which are two characteristics Plum Organics Garden Chicken Bites put front and center.

Aside from being made using USDA-certified organic chicken, the bites are filled with additional healthy ingredients including carrot, spinach and quinoa.

Being that chicken and quinoa are excellent sources of protein, the Plum Organics Garden Chicken Bites are an ideal way to up nutritional intake in a healthy manner.

The bites contain no preservatives or artificial flavors and are free of genetically engineered ingredients. The chicken used to create the bites is vegetarian-fed, raised without the use of growth hormones and isn't treated with antibiotics.

The delicious, fast design of the Plum Organics bites makes them great for adults, but also for picky young eaters.