The 'Chevy Street Artist Car' Creates Beautiful Murals

Street artist Jeff Soto teamed up with Chevrolet to bring about the 'Chevy Street Artist Car.' This is the world's first car that can actually spray paint murals. When Soto first heard about the idea for the project he immediately thought it was impossible because he didn't think a robot could do what a human does. He soon came to find that it could do what a human can do, and that much more.

In the video, Soto drives the car past a wall as the robotic arm begins to spray a light blue layer. He then begins firing paint capsules from a cannon to create a colorful base to start the detailed work on. Then, the trunk opens to reveal another robotic arm that can draw with extreme precision, which a human would be incapable of doing. With Soto and the robot working together, the final result is an eye-melting mural packed with detail and creativity.