Human Enhancement is Examined in the Cheng Guo 'Mouth Factory' Project

The Cheng Guo 'Mouth Factory' project is a series of mouth-operated machines. Created by Cheng Guo, the functional machines include a chewing drill, tongue extruder, teeth lathe, mouth breath rotational molding and vacuum form machines. The project was created because as Guo's website describes, it "explores the capabilities and versatility of this wondrous organ and correlating facial expressions, re-contextualised within the realm of production."

The project provides an examination into the possibilities of human enhancement, as members of society continue to better themselves. Not to mention, how interesting it is to see a mouth screwing a screw into a wall. The machines used in the Cheng Guo 'Mouth Factory' project provide a re-imagining of the capabilities of the mouth. And, projects similar to this are quickly becoming the norm, as humans become increasingly cyborg-like in nature.