From Anti-Wrinkle Headbands to DIY Nose Adjusters

 - Oct 28, 2013
These bizarre Japanese beauty products provide fixes for any kind of cosmetic issue that you may have, as well as some you've probably never even thought about.

Many of these strange-looking gadgets will no doubt have you looking funny while wearing them, but these contraptions promise a wide range of benefits. These products include everything from wrinkle removers to face slimmers and even nose straighteners. A lot of these contraptions look slightly intimidating, they are essentially like facial exercise equipment, which work gradually over time to fix a problem. Although many of these products will not solve a problem instantaneously, these are definitely less invasive than going in for a surgical procedure.

Many of these items come from the Japan Trend Shop, though this barely scrapes the surface on the number of bizarre Japanese beauty products that the shop carries.