This Facewaver Exercise Mask Decreases Lines On Your Face

 - May 16, 2013
References: japantrendshop & gearfuse
Claustrophobic people may want to avoid this new wrinkle-reducing Facewaver exercise mask. Unless of course, you are willing to overcome your fear to test out this device and see if it really works. Wearing the Facewaver exercise mask is supposed to stretch your face skin and muscles. This improves the blood flow and apparently smooths away fine lines and wrinkles.

I would suggest trying out this mask as an alternative to face injections. It's important that you have somewhere private to wear this mask, because it is absolutely terrifying and you wouldn't want to startle people. It is recommended that you wear it for 5 minutes a day while repeating a number of funny-looking facial expressions to achieve the desired outcome.

Facewaver exercise mask is only available in pink. It is made in Japan out of nylon and polyurethane to fit most face sizes.