The Eye Slack Haruka Promises to Eliminate Under-Eye Bags

 - Oct 9, 2011
References: ubergizmo & gizmodo
The presence of insomnia-induced eye bags instantly shatters any professional (or sultry) image you're trying to pull off, and luckily, the Eye Slack Haruka provides a solution to these unsightly marks.

Whether it's lack of sleep, stress or both is immaterial; the point is you want those pesky eye bags gone. The Net-renowned Japan Trend Shop has made available a novel cure that purports to reduce the sagging of skin within minutes. Simply place the device under your eyes for three minutes per day and its minuscule vibrators and heating pads will leave you fresh-faced and feeling great. Employing rare CR2032 batteries, the Eye Slack Haruka retails for $132, a high price for a gimmicky gadget whose efficacy has yet to be tested, but such is the cost of beauty.