Crowdsource Opinions From Friends and Poll the Public with 'PollPic'

 - Aug 24, 2015
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Seemingly everyone from Jessie J to Vogue Williams is doing it -- taking a changing room selfie, or #chelfie and sharing with their friends to poll the public.

According to a survey, women rely on at least three "likes" on social media before they'll commit to buying a new outfit. But surely there's an app designed for the #chelfie? Well -- in fact there are a few. One standout app designed for the #chelfie is Pollpic, currently available for free on Android or Apple.

Users can simply snap a photo and share it seamlessly on social media to see votes in real time -- either from newly invited friends or take the plunge and get the opinion of the Internet at large! Pollpic was designed by Ranjet Chohan because his wife kept sending him #chelfies.
Other apps out there include Pin and Tucker, designed by Anthula Nunes and Tracie Wagman, because they were always making terrible shopping choices.