This Cheeseburger Patty is Covered in Crushed Pringles and Deep Fried

 - May 19, 2016
References: dudefoods
Dude Foods is an experimental food chef and blogger that often incorporates unlikely ingredients together to create a deep fried cheeseburger patty. The dish is taken to new heights by adding a crushed chip batter to the beef patty, to offer consumers an unexpected crunch.

The recipe explores the realms of cooking burger patties past the conventional stove top grilling, and makes use of deep frier to add an unexpected texture to the meat. Dude Foods envelopes a burger patty in crushed cheeseburger-flavored Pringle chips that have been crushed up and turned into a breading in combination with an egg wash. The patty is then deep fried with the cheeseburger chip coating adding a cheesy taste to the sandwich. It is then stacked with the conventional toppings such as tomato and lettuce.