Moondeli's Delicious 'Ceremony Tonic' Contributes to Hormone Balance

 - Sep 18, 2017
References: moondeli
Whether justly or not, people often assume that health- and wellness-focused food and beverages will have an unpleasant taste, but 'Ceremony Tonic' shows that isn't necessarily the case. The powder from beauty and wellness brand Moondeli is made from a combination of cacao, matcha, and maca, making it a delicious, flavorful addition to one's typical drinks.

According to Moondeli, Ceremony Tonic contributes to better focus, hormone balance, and mood. The naturally occurring l-theanine in matcha has been shown to both calm and increase focus, while both cacao and maca root are mood elevators. Further, maca root has benefits for one's skin.

Ceremony Tonic lives up to its name when consumed. It can be mixed into hot water on its own as a pseudo-hot chocolate mix, or it can be used to add flavor to coffee, tea, or smoothies.