The New Trix Campaign is Looking for a Fresh Brand Representative

 - Oct 27, 2015
References: realtrixrabbit.tumblr & mashable
General Mills is seeking a real rabbit to become the mascot of its latest Trix cereal campaign. The brand is seeking a real creature to promote the brand's official commitment to rid its products of artificial flavors and colors.

This clever marketing tactic is getting consumers involved by hosting rabbit mascot auditions. The #RealTrixRabbit cereal campaign hopes to find a furry face to replace its iconic cartoon rabbit. Those who own bunny rabbits are able to submit images of their furry friend, in hopes that its will become the #RealTrixRabbit winner. The overwhelming results of the campaign launch have already lead to countless submissions of adorable rabbits dressed up in pink hats and even Batman costumes.

The selected rabbit will have their face appear on the Trix cereal box for a limited time to promote the brand's realistic approach to breakfast.