The Cee Lo Green Jaleel White 'Cry Baby' Vid is Vintage Smooth

 - Aug 11, 2011
References: ceelogreen & flavorwire
The Cee-Lo Green-Jaleel White "Cry Baby" music video is an exercise in vintage appreciation. For the uninitiated, Jaleel White is the memorable early 90s star of the ABC and CBS sitcom, "Family Matters." Cee-Lo Green is an R&B/pop star who is a member of the experimental pop supergroup Gnarls Barkley alongside Danger Mouse, and member of iconic 90s Southern rap collective Goodie Mob.

In the Cee-Lo Green-Jaleel White "Cry Baby" video, we see White play the role of Cee-Lo, and after breaking up with what appears to be a long-time squeeze, he jumps down into song and dance, complete with 50s back-up dancers and singers straight out of West Side Story.

The most shocking part of the video, to me, is Jaleel White's ability to look so smooth while doing tightly choreographed dance moves. If he can finagle a way onto a season of "Dancing with the Stars," I think he can be described as an immediate favorite.