The 'CatCam' How-To

 - Nov 3, 2008
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A while back we introduced you to a cat-attached video camera. Well, it looks like the CatCam frenzy is exploding, and is becoming the must-do thing with your pet. The original CatCam was a one-off by "Mr Lee," but now everyone can take part and buy the pet-friendly cameras online for £40. There is even a CatCam Facebook application.

A therapist kicked off the fad in the UK after she wondered where her Burmese cat Sarty disappears to during the day.

I have to say, the experiment with my cat Fish (the ugly Siamese pictured looking pleased with himself while making a jazz-whiskers face) was not a happy time. He bit my other cat Kevin (the one with black fur) then went to sleep (visual: wooden floor). NB: I used a hidden camera I was testing for work, not the official CatCam, hence the complicated harness.

But others are not blighted with such cats. Basically, the aim is to hang a camera around your fur baby's neck to see what they do during the day. There are even art exhibitions where the best images are displayed.

Curiously, humans never tend to feature much footage of cat travels, focusing instead on food and other cats. The view of a cat eating sums up feline living for me.