- Apr 2, 2013
While several pet owners are tempted to buy their furry friends everything in sight, it just isn't cost-effective to do so, but these adorable DIY pet accessories offers owners a practical way to satisfy their pets' needs.

Although it may be easier to just go to your local pet store to buy a bed or lounger for your cat or dog, it will certainly make a big impact on your wallet. These DIY options are a great way to utilize items you already have to make all sorts of accessories and toys that your furry friends can enjoy at their leisure. From handmade dog booties to adorable feline loungers, these easy-to-make accessories are a creative way to spoil your pets without breaking the bank.

These DIY accessories are a great way to show your little animals how much you care and appreciate them.

From Geoform DIY Doghouses to Recycled Feline Loungers: