These Fierce Feline Get-Ups are Undeniably Adorable

 - Oct 17, 2012
In the spirit of the Halloween holiday season, feline lovers come together to celebrate the season by dressing up their furry friends in these cute and quirky cat disguises. Made for the cat-obsessed individual, these Egyptian icon, Disney princess clone and couture-wearing fashionista garments are the epitome of adorable.

Bringing a smile to one's face, the compact costumes often feature more intricacy and craftsmanship in their construction than those made for adults.

Whether dressing their furry friend as Cleopatra or as a Parisian-inspired kitty fashionista, cat lovers are ensured to make the perfect Halloween choice with any of these quirky cat costumes. From fashionable and funny to shockingly over-the top, these get-ups are sure to give one a variety of endless costume options this coming holiday season.