This Solid Wood Jamonero Makes Carving Meat More Secure

 - Apr 11, 2016
References: hammacher & 7gadgets
Designed for holding and slicing cured hams, the Jamonero stand is intended to make carving meat easier and more efficient.

While many kitchen accoutrements focus on utility, the Jamonero stand is indeed for holding cured ham for cutting, but also for placing it on display. Crafted from wood and designed by a master carver from La Maya, the Jamonero stand clamps onto the leg of the cut and allows it to be turned and pivoted without having to remove it from the restraints. This allows everyone around the table to get the exact piece of cured ham they want without having to fumble with fittings.

The Jamonero stand features a silicone board for carving meat and makes positioning the meat cuts a seamless experience.