Carsten Witte's Eyeliner Photos are Killer

 - Jun 8, 2011
Despite the conventional wisdom, it's always the eyes - always. Eventually the legs, breasts, bum and more, but it always begins with the eyes.

Carsten Witte knows this fact and the fashion photographer from Hamburg has captured the beauty that comes from the dramatically highlighted eyemake artists.

For his series "Eyeliner" Carsten Witte trains his lens on the fantasy world of eye makeup that is unparalled.

Carten Witte has appreciated the beauty around him since he was a little boy, he explains on his website. While attending
the Bielefeld school of photography, he picked up a camera and began his career of showing the erotic and exotic best of the female form.

His work is now seen in all the tip international lifestyle and fashion mags. Witte says

"It’s always faces that fascinate me and this mysterious purity of really beautiful people"