These Photo Shoots Embrace Bold Black Lipstick

 - Dec 13, 2012
Black lipstick, like all-gray hair, facial piercings and reverse high heels, is one of those modern fashion fads most are hesitant to try out. For lots of fashionistas, the fear of looking like an extra from the 90s coming-of-age-turned-cheesy-horror-cult film The Craft is too much to bear, but be not afraid! There are many ways to pull off the witchy look that are more Stevie Nicks than Wicked Witch of the West.

The look is best worn when paired with an entirely neutral face -- bare minimum eye makeup and natural pink blush is best, as seen in the Vogue Taiwan photo shoot featuring Valeria Dmitrienko. Other variations include a vampy version using black eyeliner (intense, I know) topped with burgundy gloss, or full-blown Gothic-chic. If aiming for the latter, don't forget to pair with studs.