Carlsberg Vintage 1

 - Jan 26, 2008
References: carlsberg & bloomberg
We've featured Carlsberg beer for their fantastic advertising campaigns, most recently the Carlsberg Don't Do Litter campaign, but this time we're featuring them for their achievement for the title of brewing the world's most expensive beer.

The ads for the Scandinavian brew say it's, "Probably the best beer in the world," and now Carlsberg has added the $400 price tag to match.

The luxury beer, the Vintage No. 1, was introduced on January 25 for 2,008 Danish kroner (the number selection for the price is in fact based on the year it was launched), which, at the time of publishing, amounts to $395.49 US. Only 600 bottles were produced, but then will be releasing special editions next year and in 2010, and, you guessed it, they will cost 2,009 and 2,010 kroner.

The 10.5% proof beer will be sold at three Copenhagen restaurants including Noma.

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