This Chart Explores the Internet of Things' Revolution on Jobs

According to the 'The 2020 IoT: How to Prepare for the Future' infographic, career-preparing will drastically shift from the way it is now as employees and employers prepare to intergrade connected objects and the wireless exchange of data thanks to the growing expansion of the Internet of Things. This chart explores what the Internet of Things means and how projections for 2020 will increase the needs of certain jobs and the consumption of various products.

According to this infographic the Internet of Things can be defined as "the idea of connecting any device to the Internet' and by 2020 the Internet of Things market will have grown to a $3.04 trillion dollar industry affecting consumers, businesses and nations. This chart breaks down the different areas of the Internet of Things from current uses and its potential as an industry to upcoming hurdles. This is an ideal read for both employees and businesses looking to tap into this growing market.