Daniel Agdag's Cardboard Art Pieces Mimic Fantastic Flying Machines

 - Oct 28, 2014
References: publicoffice.au & thisiscolossal
These impressive cardboard art sculptures by Daniel Agdag look as though they are moments away from being able to take to the skies. The fantastical flying machine sculptures are part of a series by Agdad called 'The Principles of Aerodynamics,' which also happened to be part of the artist's first solo exhibition.

Although the series seems to be just a bunch of awesome flying machines, Agdad describes that on a deeper level, the art pieces communicate the "Ongoing pursuit of escape through the metaphor of flight." Rather than creating these amazing sculptures from detailed blueprints and drawings, what's truly noteworthy about each of these sculptures is that they were made using only what came out of Agdad's mind and cuts of cardboard.