From Delicate Leaf Bowls to Trimmed Foliage Illustrations

 - Sep 8, 2015
With fall just around the corner, the trees will soon be changing color and the leaves falling to the ground -- providing material to work with for DIY leaf designs. With an increasing return to nature seen in both the fashion and art worlds, leafy artwork using natural materials is an eco-friendly way to recycle fallen leaves.

One example of such art can be seen by Iran-based artist Omid Asadi, who designs intricate cut-out pictures in fall leaves. Another artist who uses fallen leaves as a medium is Japanese artist Kay Sekimachi. She creates delicate leaf bowls using maple and oak that were showcased in the Bellevue Arts Museum this summer.

Whether it's dried foliage sculptures or illustrations using cut-out foliage, these leaf designs show an appreciation for the beauty found in nature.