The Cappuccino Stencil Set Lets You Embrace Your Love of Social Media

 - Apr 17, 2014
References: foodiggity & fancy
If you believe you fall under the category of being addicted to both coffee and social media, this cappuccino stencil set is for you.

Instead of having a boring cup of joe like the rest of your co-workers, play up your drink with designs. Non-artists, no need to fret; the set comes with three stencils to change up the look of your cappuccino each morning.

The stencils feature social media symbols that will appeal to generations hooked on online media. For example, if you live and breathe Twitter, use the bird stencil. Likewise, to start your morning on a positive note, use the 'like' stencil and give yourself a thumbs up to start the day. Finally, for those who love to talk, use the message bubble stencil.