Capacitive Fingerprinting by Disney Research is Hyper Advanced

Research in touch technology has lead to the capacitive fingerprinting by Disney Research phenomenon.

The brainchild of Chris Harrison, Munehiko Sato and Ivan Poupyrev, this technology will allow of finger recognition without any additional hardware add-ons. It achieves this next-level technology by analyzing user’s bodily interaction with electrical frequencies that come from the device. Once this impedance is identified, the system is able to recognize each individual user’s touch.

With the use of these generated impedance profiles, one is able to play games that require differentiation between players. According to the Disney Research team, this capacitive fingerprint technology showcases potential beyond game-playing: "personalization, collaborative interaction on touch surfaces, security and others," according to its site. With its modernistic design and unrivaled technological advance, Disney Research pioneers the future in touch technology.