Gain Valuable Insight into the World of Confections and Sugary Snacks

 - Mar 28, 2012
References: trendreports
Although candy is not the best option for a healthy diet, when eaten in moderation, it can be rather enjoyable. Just ask your inner child. Trend Hunter's Candy Trend Report tracks innovations made in the confectionery industry, from bold branding and artistic packaging designs to intricate DIY candy recipes and creations.

Over the past year, we have tracked a myriad of candy trends permeating various industries. Candy art is wildly popular among audiences. Advertising, branding and packaging campaigns by major companies have strayed from traditional marketing methods, creating a renewed sense of interest with consumers. Great example of this are the M&M commercials or package design promotions and contests offered by Smarties.

Packed with 1,151 examples of market research and 122 Pro Trends, our crowd-sourced research is perfect for brand innovators, confectionery marketers and advertisers that want to use the collective insight of worldwide consumers to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.