Dunkin' Donuts' Candy Cane Crunch Donut Delivers a Taste of the Holidays

Just as Starbucks announced the return of its holiday drinks, Dunkin' Donuts has debuted a festive new treat called the Candy Cane Crunch Donut. The new donut will also be accompanied by the debut of the brand-new Crème Brulée macchiato, giving customers even more ways to begin celebrating the holiday season.

The new Candy Cane Crunch Donut is a yeast donut pipped with a vanilla-flavored buttercreme filling. The donut is then topped with a layer of white icing and a generous helping of crushed candy cane pieces. The delicious combination of ingredients delivers the cool taste of peppermint alongside a hint of vanilla for a refreshing holiday treat. For those looking for something even sweeter, the new Créme Brulée Latte boasts the creamy taste of crème brulée and an indulgent caramelized sugar topping.