These CANCER STICKS Warn Smokers Right Off the Bat

 - Jul 26, 2013
References: shedsimove & lostateminor
CANCER STICKS, a product created by comedian and author Shed Simove, doesn't use any flowery language or scientific statistics to warn smokers of the dangers of smoking. Instead, this cigarette packing displays two words, in large, bold white letters: CANCER STICKS.

By displaying this message so blatantly on its exterior, these cigarettes don't really need any percentages or pictures of blackened lungs to get their point across. Smokers looking to buy a new pack will simply look at CANCER STICKS, and suddenly have these warnings flooding through their minds.

Shed Simove also created this product as part of his comedy career, poking fun at a habit that has led to a lot of early deaths in smokers since the invention of the cigarette. With all the information available to people regarding the dangers of smoking, it's a wonder that people continue to do it; and that's exactly what Simove is satirizing with his CANCER STICKS.