The 2017 Calgary Stampede Will Feature Bite-Size Canadian Bacon Pickle Balls

While those who attended last year's Calgary Stampede are sure to remember the famous Big Pickle Dogs, this year the annual rodeo is kicking things up a notch with its brand new Canadian Bacon Pickle Balls. While the new dish maintains the same combination of distinctly sweet and sour flavors, the corn dog-style format has been traded for bite-size rounds that are easy to share with hungry friends and family.

The Canadian Bacon Pickle Balls are a new addition to the Calgary Stampede menu, joining other outrageous concoctions such as Crispy Chicken Feet on a Stick, Cereal Monster Sandwiches and Deep Fried Jell-O. The bite-size pickle balls consist of a pickle stuffed with a hot dog, wrapped in juicy bacon, battered and then deep-fried until crispy and golden brown. The result is a tangy take on the traditional corn dog, due to the addition of the pickle.

Severed up at Big Coco’s Corndogs, the deep-fried appetizer is a great snack option for long days on the fairgrounds.